Basic treatment designed for dehydration.  Hospital grade rehydration therapy with electrolyte balanced solution.  Improves circulatory status ensuring proper perfusion of vital organs and diluting and eliminating toxins from your body. 

1000ml LR treatment.   Cost $110.00

Detoxification IV TREATMENT

Standard treatment plus adding an anti-inflammatory medication which will directly decrease the discomforts of excessive toxins in the body and inflammation. 

1000ml LR treatment + 30mg ketorolac.  Cost $180.00


Standard treatment plus adding an anti-nausea medication which will improve the gastrointestinal distress from excessive toxins in the bloodstream.

1000ml LR treatment + 4mg ondansetron.  Cost $180.00


Standard treatment plus both the detoxification and revival medications for maximal improvement in physical comfort and functionality.

1000ml LR treatment + ketorolac 30mg + ondansetron 4mg + oxygen therapy for duration of the treatment.

Cost $225      With B12 IM injection $250

Maximum Energy Treatment

Take your day to the next level. 

1000ml LR IV treatment, B12, B Complex with O2 therapy.

Cost $165     

Lipotropic Fat Burning Treatment

Kick your metabolism into gear.

1000ml LR IV treatment with B Complex.

Cost $130

Get That Glow Treatment

Give your skin a radiant boost. 

1000ml LR IV treatment, Vitamin C and B Complex. 

Cost $140

Immunity Support Treatment

Feeling like you’re getting the crud? Kick it. 

1000ml LR IV treatment with Vitamin C.

Cost $130

Flu or Food Poisoning Recovery Treatment

Feeling green? We got you. 

1000ml LR IV treatment, ondansetron (zofran) 4mg and Vitamin C.

Cost $140

Altitude Sickness Treatment

Oh the air up there. 

1000ml LR IV treatment with O2 therapy.

Cost $120

The Hangover Treatment

Over-served? Heavy-pour? We understand. 

1000ml LR IV treatment, ketorolac 30mg, ondansetron 4mg, B12, B Complex with O2 therapy.

Cost $250


Add Oxygen Therapy to any Treatment $25 

B12 Vitamin IM Injection $50

Additional 1000ml LR (Electrolyte Fluid) $50



ALL massages INCLUDE:

Access to the Hydration bar and Essential Oil infused water to accentuate and accelerate your healing.

*Please plan on an extra 15 minutes after your treatment in our hydration bar to recover and hydrate.

Scalp + Neck + Shoulder

Focused massage and release technics for your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Preformed in our nap bar, it’s a perfect treatment for headaches, tension, and relaxation.

20 min $40

add O2 for $10


Get your zen on. A calm massage with your utmost relaxation in mind. You may need a nap after. 

60 min $80

90 min $100


Get your treatment on. A massage designed to address your aches and pains, injuries and problem areas. You’ll leave feeling better. 

60 min $90

90 min $110 


Perfect for the aching momma. Ease the tension, promote healing in overused muscles, and focus on building up your body- the force of nature that is giving birth to new life!  

60 min $95


For intense pain relief. Incorporating the highest quality CBD oil into your therapeutic massage. Pain be gone. 

60 min $120


Cozy up to the nap bar

The time you give yourself to step away, unplug, close your eyes and rest. The most precious gift you could ever give yourself. Escape your hustle. 

Relax. Rest. Dream. 


all naps include:

Sleep masks to assist in minimizing distractions and light.

Headphones playing a track studied by the Marconi Institue that is proven to reduce anxiety by up to 65%.

Blankets and pillows so that you can customize your comfort in one of our nap chairs.

Access to the Hydration Bar and Essential Oil infused water to accentuate and accelerate your healing.

*Please plan on an extra 15 minutes after your treatment in our hydration bar to recover and hydrate.

Eyes and Ears nap

Darkness and peaceful sounds to help you rest. 

20 mins…$15

40 mins…$30

Breathe Nap

Our unique O2 nap for when your body needs to rebuild and rebalance. Breathe the pure air to get you there.

20 mins…$25

40 mins…$40

Nap + Scalp massage

Have you ever heard a more wonderful combination? This treatment includes a 20 min scalp massage to your nap. “Just rub my head and make me feel at peace.”

Eyes + Ears + Scalp 20 min…$30

Eyes + Ears + Scalp* 40 min…$40

Eyes + Ears + Breathe + Scalp 20 min…$40

Eyes + Ears + Breathe + Scalp* 40 min…$50

*please note that even for 40 min naps the scalp massage will be 20 min. This way, you will still have time to rest with no distraction.