ALL massages INCLUDE:

Access to the Hydration bar and Essential Oil infused water to accentuate and accelerate your healing.

*Please plan on an extra 15 minutes after your treatment in our hydration bar to recover and hydrate.

Scalp + Neck + Shoulder

Focused massage and release technics for your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Preformed in our nap bar, it’s a perfect treatment for headaches, tension, and relaxation.

20 min $40

add O2 for $10


Get your zen on. A calm massage with your utmost relaxation in mind. You may need a nap after. 

60 min $80

90 min $100


Get your treatment on. A massage designed to address your aches and pains, injuries and problem areas. You’ll leave feeling better. 

60 min $90

90 min $110 


Perfect for the aching momma. Ease the tension, promote healing in overused muscles, and focus on building up your body- the force of nature that is giving birth to new life!  

60 min $95


For intense pain relief. Incorporating the highest quality CBD oil into your therapeutic massage. Pain be gone. 

60 min $120